Algorithmic Intelligence for the Crypto Industry

Algorithmic Insights for Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

DAO Wallet

The Smart Autonomous Utility Wallet Ecosystem


Powerful Mobile and Desktop Web

DAO wallet natively supports Ethereum based ERC20 tokens. It has an intuitive UI which is user friendly and easey to use.

Brings more Transparency and Speed

Every transaction is recorded on Blockchain


Every communication happening between any DAO servers is encrypted with standard AES to make the wallet more secure

What is AiDAO?

AI system that operates as an independent element, doing its Research & investment focused on the full spectrum of AI technology; hardware and software based neural networks - Recurrent neural network, fuzzy Logic.

The organization is an independent entity, much like a private or public company, that operates independent of day to day human oversight. Performing its day to day operations via its pre programmed algorithms, that replace human interaction / administration within the company infrastructure, from board level to service delivery. A fully autonomous organism, with fail safe redundancies that can request human input if and when the need arises.

How do Airdrops work

One of the utility of DAO wallet is that users will get occationally airdrops for other tokens. The amount of the token received by the users depends on the DAO tokens they are holding in the wallet. The more one is holding, the more propotional airdrop one will get.

Our Wallet Application

DAO wallet has been through two versions of developments. It is capable of handling ethereum transactions and airdrops.

Philosophy of Design

DAO wallet team seeks clean design. Prioritize the ease of use.

Powerful Backend Engine

DAO wallet adopts the most up-to-date backend wallet solutions with top security measure

Special for Multiple Use Capabilities

DAO wallet in one side is a full etheruem wallets. User can receive and send ether freely. In another side, it use DAO tokens as utility for the aidrop. Verified users can withdraw the aidrop tokens.

Core Strength of DAO

DAO technology is based on the idea of supercharging and consolidating thought process to the point a single system that can manage the work of hundreds if not thousand of minds within a given organisation.

Collective Intelligence

The ability to leverage distributed human intellect

Valuation Gain

DAO Token gains value with the addition of more tokens on DAO Platform

Analyzer of Cryptocurrency

Research and data abalysis for higher revenue

Exchange Order Management

Intuitive management of all alternative coins in the ultimate master wallet


Blockchain technology guarantee transparency of all transaction and it is fully auditable

Crypto Trading Platform

Autonomy enabled by programmable parameters and atomic swap


Research on global token market with the use of empirical and qualitative analysis will maximize utility to foster support for new token projects that will provide value to the DAO token

Frequently Asked Questions

Using the emerging wetware interfaces, participants will have an opportunity to take their relationship with DAOISM to a higher state, assisting with the development of new understanding of important global issues that are aligned with the DAO networks core principles.

What are the objectives of this token?

It is to create cryptocurrency investment robo-advisor using data analysis and machine learning technology combined with artificial intelligence. Member of DAO wallet also enjoy occasional airdrops of other tokens

What is Token Sale and pre-sale?

Token Sale is about selling coin for cheaper price on initial stage of project to gain capital for a budget. Pre-sale usually means securing capital before public ICO.

What is DAO wallet?

The multi token DAO wallet allows users to store their DAO tokens provide frictionless access to multiple decentralised utilities. Allowing for programmable friction free access to decentralised stack. The wallet will operate on leading phone and computer platforms, giving the user a seamless experience in its operation whatever the platform.

Where I can pay the token?

You can send direct email to or leave a message in the contact section